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German composer Marcel Schweder, born in 1971, developed very early a strong passion for the so called "classical" music and later also dived deeply into the secrets and crafts of orchestral filmmusic. He states his influences and idols very clearly: from Mahler, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky to Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith and of course John Williams.


After a longer period of training and employment in the commercial business, Marcel decided to resume the music education (musicology, composition and orchestration, as well as specific trainings in music for the media) and finally he moved completely into the wide field of composing and producing music.

Since 1999 he has been working as a professional composer of orchestral and chamber music for numerous projects, including concert, stage, film, videogames and other media .

In addition he is strongly involved in sounddesign and mix/mastering work for German audio dramas & radio plays.    

In 2009 the commemorative symphonic piece "Mindener Rosenklang" was commissioned by the City of Minden (Germany) to honor the memory of the "Battle of Minden" 250 years ago.

Short versions accompanied numerous events and celebrations during all of August before the whole symphonic piece was played on the 28th of August by the "Northwest-German Philharmonic Orchestra" in front of the great and majestic cathedral of Minden.


- "Hörspiel Award 2008":

Critics Award for "Best Radio Play Music" for the audio drama series

"Dorian Hunter".

- "Ohrkanus Hörspielpreis 2007":

Nominated for Best Music in a radio play for "The Dark Sea of Stars 2"

(2nd place).